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Welcome to Be Designs.

Graphic Design.
Branding and Promotion.

Be Designs creates professional, stylish, fun and unique graphics.

We have had many years experience in both design and marketing within the publishing industry.
We know what works. Your graphics will be dynamically crafted
to stand out in an already saturated environment.

Be Designs' forte is book cover design and logo/branding design
but we work for all sorts of organisation, big and small, on all sorts of projects.

Book Cover Design

Logos and Branding

Teaser Graphics

Services & Pricing

Print & Ebook Package Pricing - $200 ($180 for return clients)

  • Preliminary design mock-ups
  • Hi-Res .jpg files for Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and Smashwords
  • Full jacket design in print-ready PDF for one supplier
  • Facebook and Twitter cover, plus a versatile profile picture
  • Two 3D renderings of your book (paperback and phone/tablet) for your own promotional use
  • Unlimited revisions for your satisfaction

eBook Cover Package Pricing - $150 ($130 for return clients)

  • Preliminary design mock-ups
  • Hi-Res .jpg files for Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and Smashwords
  • Unlimited revisions for your satisfaction

Promotional Items and Swag Pricing

  • Customized graphic art starting at $50
  • Custom merchandise image design - t shirts, tote bags, temporary tattoos, phone cases, magnets, stickers, post cards, bookmarks, posters, etc. Starting at $50
  • Printed banner - Starting at $100, depending on your requirements and the complexity of the design
  • Web banner, Facebook or Twitter cover image - $20
  • Teasers/promotional post $20 each
  • Business cards $50 (double sided)

Branding Pricing - $100

  • Logos begin at $100 depending on the complexity of the design and the revisions it requires for your complete satisfaction
  • Brand look i.e. logo, coordinated fonts (supplied) & colours
  • Facebook and Twitter cover, plus a versatile profile picture
Additional Fees

  • $50 rush fee will be applied on a needed basis
  • Prices may increase depending on the complexity of your job and hours of work time, to be discussed prior to work commencing


Logo designs will be supplied in .jpg or .png. I am able to supply in un-editable .eps or .pdf at your request.

For paperback cover designs, the final blurb, book size, page count and paper colour must be provided before final paperback wrap can be sent. Booking a minimum of 6-8 weeks is recommended for book covers and swag design. © Be Designs must be printed in your book in reference to the book cover design. All payments are accepted via Paypal or Direct Deposit. Please contact me for additional information.

These fees are for a license with lifetime rights to use my artwork. If you wish to own the full rights, please contact me regarding the extended licensing fee. If you sign with a publisher and they would like to use any part of the artwork or its design elements, they will need to contact me regarding this. You can use any of my artwork supplied to you for promotion on print, web, and merchandise, but you cannot sell the artwork as your own.

Furthermore, I can use the artwork I have created for you for my own promotions in web or print, but cannot resell the design. I will do y absolute best to be aware of any reveal of your designs and will not post to social media or my website regarding the project until you have made your announcement.

In the event of termination of this agreement or lack of payment, I own the design and reserve the right to complete, exhibit, and/or re-sell the design (but not your business name) if I choose. I own all the design concepts created before the final design is chosen. You are not authorised to alter the final artwork in any way, with the exception of changes in colour and size for printing and/or digital display. If you would like any alterations, please consult me first. I would like the option to make alterations to my own work where possible. It may require additional payment to make these alterations. All the artwork is owned by Ben Ellis and Be Designs and is protected by copyright law, and is bound by the worldwide laws in force. No title to or intellectual property rights to the artwork is transferred to you. Ben Ellis and Be Designs retains all rights not expressly granted by this License Agreement. This License Agreement does not grant you any intellectual property rights. Unpublished rights are reserved.

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